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Academic Study Kit is an award-winning independent publisher, based in the UK. Our mission is to make ripples in the ELT world by developing practical, engaging and inspiring solutions for teachers. Our authors, NNESTs and NESTs, are experts in their field and lead the way in innovative approaches. We strive to empower new ELT writers and mentor them through all stages of the writing process.

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Michelle Hunter

How does coaching differ from teaching?
Essentially, coaching is about enabling an individual to learn for themselves and, often, about themselves. Usually a client will have a problem, question or challenge they need to solve, and the coach will support them in their journey from where they are now to where they want to be, i.e. to find a solution. This entails asking questions and giving time to think, within a confidential and secure space. The coach helps the client create a plan of action and holds them accountable for following through so they can ultimately enjoy their success.
My personal preferred coaching style is facilitative and non-directive. It’s based on the belief that the client (the coachee) is capable of working out their own solution. The coachee engages a coach on the understanding that the relationship is temporary and specific to one main issue, and they agree to take responsibility for their own learning and development. (from ‘Why Coaching? Michelle Hunter.)
Michelle Hunter is a certified coach and highly experienced Business English teacher. She has designed and implemented various language training courses and workshops for both in-service and pre-service learners in Germany. She has written extensively on business English training and development topics. Most recently, Michelle combined her teaching experience and coaching knowledge to achieve a Masters in Coaching in Education.
‘Coaching is an art, a craft and a complex act of intellectual, emotional and conversational plate-spinning.’
Kim Morgan, coach and founder of Barefoot Coaching

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A-Z of Coaching Activities is a collection of thought-provoking photocopiable activities for use with adult learners of English. Each activity relates to a coaching-based topic, technique or exercise with Teacher Notes explaining how to use the idea. Most activities have Worksheets and follow-up activities. Creating an effective learning environment is key to successful language acquisition. As coaching is focused on empowering and supporting a client, so it makes sense a similar approach would work well with students in the classroom.


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When I started my pre sessional course, I made so many grammatical mistakes. My writing was full of them. I decided to use ‘Grammar Clinic’. This material helped me identify my common mistakes and work on eliminating them.