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Absolute Financial English

· Audio CD

· Coursebook

Level: B2-C1

Absolute Banking English is written for upper-intermediate and advanced learners of English who work in banking or the financial sector. It is designed for people who need to communicate internationally in English on a daily basis.

· discusses topics which reflect the ever-changing language of banking English andshift in priorities of bankers in the last decade

· aims to develop the core skills required by international bankers in their day-to-day working life: reading financial texts; developing key banking vocabulary; listening and responding to presentations and talks; and communicating in a variety of job-specific situations

· contains the specialist terminology, synonyms, abbreviations and idiomatic expressions of a particular topic area of banking in each unit

· offers a balanced range of exercises and communication activities in each unit

· contains 12 thematic units, each divided into four key skills sections – Listening file, Vocabulary file, Reading file and Communicator file – plus four Review sections

Key features:

· suitable for class or self-study

· comes with audio CD and includes audio transcripts

· provides a comprehensive list of key banking terms

· includes answer key

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