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A-Z Intercultural Communication

ISBN: 9780952461432

Publisher: Academic Study Kit

Series: Photocopiables

Author: Mader, J./Camerer, R.

Publication Date: Aug 2016

Level: Intermediate (B1+)

All students need intercultural communication skills if they are going to be successful and function effectively in their studies and their careers. The competences they need include knowledge, attitudes and communicative abilities. A-Z of Intercultural Communication is a collection of stimulating and thought-provoking activities for intermediate to advanced learners of English. The material is organised in a photocopiable format with user-friendly trainers’ menus, which outline the language focus, type of activity, recommended level and timing. Each activity provides hints for follow-up sessions or further consolidation work. Worksheets can be used in any order depending on your needs; for self-study, one-to-one teaching, pairwork and groups.

Shortlisted for the 2015 BESIG David Riley Award for Innovation in Business English and ESP.

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