The A-Z of ESOL is a collection of motivating activities providing students with the functional language required to navigate real-world situations and independently meet their housing, education, employment, community and health needs. The activities included are for a range of ESOL levels and can be used as the main body of a lesson or as a warm-up or extension activity. They are suitable for use in any English speaking country and can be used to introduce a variety of language points. Each activity comes with user-friendly teaching notes which outline the language focus, level, type of activity, timing and suggested lesson plan.

Key features:
– Individual, group and pairwork
– Role plays, discussions and presentations
– Promotes equality, diversity and inclusion
– Language point suggestions
– Follow-up activities

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Emily Bryson is an ELT Materials Writer and ESOL Lecturer. She has written digital ELT materials for publishers such as MacMillan and the British Council. She has been an ESOL Lecturer at City of Glasgow College since 2007 and in that time has gained experience teaching all levels of ESOL students and developed a wide range of ESOL for Vocational Purposes courses. She has also completed various secondments such as; Project Co-ordinator at the ESOL Network Project, ESOL Development Officer at Education Scotland and Peer Education Programme Manager at the Scottish Refugee Council. In addition, she has spoken at various international conferences.


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