A-Z of Global Issues ,

A-Z of Global Issues is a resource book containing 26 interesting and engaging activities, discussions and role plays, designed to bring real issues into the classroom. It comes with user-friendly teaching notes, which outline the language focus, level, type of activities, timing and suggested lesson plan. The activities are suitable for business and general ELT students, ESOL, university students and pre-experience learners. The book contains:

• group & pairwork activities
• problems solving discussions
• deduction activities
• dictogloss

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About the Author

Julie Pratten has extensive experience in the design of materials for general and business English. She has implemented training programmes in over 25 countries, including Germany, Turkey, Brazil and the UK. More recently, she has turned her attention to global issues and is IATEFL Global Issues SIG Events Coordinator and founder of Heart ELT.

Linda Ruas has been teaching and training teachers for many years, in Brazil, Japan and now back home in London. Recently she’s worked on projects in São Tomé and Príncipe, has taught refugees at the camp in Calais and trained volunteer teachers of refugees in Greece. She currently teaches ESOL and CELTA at LSEC, London, is IATEFL Global Issues SIG Joint Coordinator and runs the New Internationalist Easier English wiki.

Helen Waldron started her teaching career in her late teens when she joined the Liverpool adult literacy programme. After three decades running her own in-company language training business in the Hamburg area, she now also coaches and writes. Helen holds an M.Ed. in Applied Linguistics and is a committee member of HELTA. Recently she has contributed to the Heart ELT project A-Z of Hope and co-authored A-Z of Global Issues (Academic Study Kit.)


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