An A-Z of Coaching ,

A-Z of Coaching Activities is a collection of thought-provoking photocopiable activities for use with adult learners of English. Each activity relates to a coaching-based topic, technique or exercise with Teacher Notes explaining how to use the idea. Most activities have Worksheets and follow-up activities.

Creating an effective learning environment is key to successful language acquisition. As coaching is focused on empowering and supporting a client, so it makes sense a similar approach would work well with students in the classroom.

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About the Author

Ben Dobbs

Ben Dobbs is an international communication and leadership trainer and coach working with a range of clients internationally. He has delivered training and coaching in numerous countries including Russia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Switzerland, Italy and the UK. He is also a frequent conference speaker on matters of communication, coaching and culture. In coaching, Ben is interested in working with executives, leaders and academic writers and how organisations can establish coaching cultures.

Michelle Hunter is a certified coach and highly experienced Business English teacher. She has designed and implemented various language training courses and workshops for both in-service and pre-service learners in Germany. She has written extensively on business English training and development topics. Currently she is focused on combining her teaching experience and coaching knowledge towards an MA in Coaching in Education.


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