What’s Your Teaching Identity? ,

In the first book in the Legacy Series, Helen Waldron encourages us to measure ourselves against the three defining pillars of uniqueness, affiliation and continuity, and argues that awareness is the first step towards pride in one’s work.

How fully do we reflect on our identities as teachers? Do we partly model our careers on those who have boldly gone before us, or are we all forging our identities as we go along?



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About the Author

Helen Waldron started her teaching career in her late teens when she joined the Liverpool adult literacy programme. After three decades running her own in-company language training business in the Hamburg area, she now also coaches and writes. Helen holds an M.Ed. in Applied Linguistics and is a committee member of HELTA. Recently she has contributed to the Heart ELT project A-Z of Hope and co-authored A-Z of Global Issues (Academic Study Kit.)


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